Junior Develops “Student Edge” App

Jordan Bechek, a junior here at Washington and Jefferson College, has just released his very own app in hopes of helping students keep track of their grades, assignments, GPAs and academic goals. Starting six months ago in an app design and development class last semester, Bechek was given the assignment to make an app as his final project.

As for how he arrived at the idea for Student’s Edge, Bechek says, “We had to either solve a problem that hadn’t already been solved, or solve a problem that has been solved but in a better way. This app is what I came up with since I do these kinds of calculations all the time.” Instead of letting the app’s development end when the class did, Bechek decided to turn it into his own personal side project. He feels that the app is not only something that is helpful to him, but will help all students keep track of their academics in a simple and convenient way.

Student’s Edge makes calculations for users to not only see what their current grades are, but also to help students decipher how well they need to perform on an assignment in order to boost or keep their current overall grade. Users of the app simply need to enter their class schedule, and enter the grades they receive on each assignment. Students can also set personal goals for their courses. From that point, the app will organize all of your classwork and assignment grades for you, as well as help students understand what needs to be done in order to meet their goals.

Bechek explains the app will “keep track of your GPA and goals, and tell you which goals you met.” Between sorting out bugs, creating a brand and even the simple start of coming up with an idea, Bechek has put a lot of time and effort into developing Student’s Edge. He, however, believes that it was definitely worthwhile, and says that he plans on developing more apps in the future. Student’s Edge is a free app, available for download on the App Store as well as on the Google Play store.