Campus Boasts Improvements to Tech Center

Many students at Washington & Jefferson College have noticed that many academic buildings and residence halls have been stocked with new furniture. Rather than having battered couches in the common rooms of dorm buildings and tacky, wobbling tables in academic buildings, the college is making a move towards a more aesthetically-pleasing environment. W&J has respectably high standards for most things; grades, students, academics and community are among these things. For a long time, exterior design has also been a priority for the college. The interior design of the buildings can now be added to this list. Sleek black chairs have replaced the stained upholstery in the Technology Center. Couches of soft black leather now beckon to students in the Burnett Center. Many dorm buildings boast new couch sets in their common rooms. Students are always looking for the perfect place to study, socialize or even take a nap between classes. Especially at the beginning of the year, being away from home can be a major struggle. Being in a comfortable environment makes it much easier for students to make it through a long study session and to not be affected by harsh lighting and broken chairs. Students are responding positively to these changes. Jason LePage ’20 said, “It’s nice to see someone actually paying attention to something that affects literally everyone.” Weston Henley ’20 agrees with this sentiment and said, “Finally, we all have a place to sit that is actually more comfortable than the floor! I could live [in the Technology Center].” The new additions to campus buildings have made it easier to find comfortable and relatively private meeting places without the hassle of reserving a room. The newly designed spaces also serve as reasonable study places for groups and individuals alike. It is a nice change of scenery as well as a comforting addition to students’ lives. While some may say that all furniture is the same and that the upgrades make little difference, it is clear that the majority of students are excited about the changes. The newly renovated spaces have had an effect on students’ dispositions, as students now have comfortable spaces to return to in their residence halls and updated furniture to aid them in their study sessions.