From the Desk of the EIC: Welcome Back to the New Semester

On behalf of the entire Red&Black staff, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the students, staff and faculty members of Washington & Jefferson College. The Red&Black staff is prepared and excited to share all of the important news about our campus, the local community and around the world.

We are returning to campus during a time of political and social divide. It is during this time that the Red&Black will attempt to bring light to and help foster discussion about various issues while at the same time respecting everyone and their beliefs. We will also attempt to share stories that can inspire people, make people laugh and bring our readers together.

In this issue, readers can find a range of articles, from a view of Hurricane Harvey through the eyes of one of our students to a review of the women’s tennis team’s victories at their opening matches. We hope that this issue, as well as future issues, will showcase our talented students as well as reflect upon their diverse interests.

If you or your campus organization have a story to share, please feel free to contact a staff member about publishing an article in the paper. We also would like to hear any feedback, comments and constructive criticism that you may have for us so that we may better serve the college and our campus community throughout the year.

Those interested in contributing to the Red&Black, whether through writing articles or taking photos, are welcome to attend our open meetings every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Alex Hall Common Room. Questions, comments or concerns may be addressed to
I would like to wish everyone a successful and fun-filled fall semester.


Katherine Campbell ‘18