Magellan Spotlight: Tucker Burg Studies German Engineering

Tucker Burg ’18 is a student in the 3-2 Engineering program at Washington & Jefferson College and is studying chemical engineering. He will finish his studies here after three years and will attend Columbia University for the next two years. He is very interested in working in the energy sector of this field; he hopes to one day be in charge of his own group of people to work on specialized projects and studies. Burg has followed an intense academic schedule to pursue this goal, putting in time and effort to be well-prepared for Columbia and his professional future. Burg also plays on the men’s baseball team as a right-handed pitcher. Although baseball is a spring sport, members of the W&J baseball team play “fall ball” and train thoughout the winter and well into the spring. With this busy schedule, there was not much time for Burg to study abroad for a semester. Having the option to complete a Magellan Project was a great way for him to take the opportunity to travel over the summer. During June 2017, Burg traveled to Germany to study German engineering throughout several cities in the country. He chose Germany as the location for his Magellan because his family originates from Germany; during part of the trip he was able to stay with his family, and they were able to show him Germany from a native’s perspective. When Burg was in high school, his family hosted an exchange student from Germany, Luca Weiland. While in Germany, Burg was able to have a happy reunion with Luca and his family, as they had not seen each other for months. While visiting the city of Cologne, Burg was able the visit the Cologne Cathedral, which is the biggest active church in Germany and is a great feat in the field of engineering. Burg was astounded by the incredible detail. When describing the cathedral, he said, “Every tower had spirals coming off of it, and every spiral had details curved into it . . . every detail had small carvings all over it. It was amazing.” While staying with Weiland and his family, Burg had a chance to climb in part of the Alps, and he said it was one of his favorite parts of the trip because of the views from the top of the mountain. He even brought a baseball and glove to practice throwing for a bit. Burg said, “There is no off-season for baseball. Plus, how many people can say they threw a baseball around on top of a mountain?” At the end of the trip, he was able to find the opportunity to visit the Vatican and eat some true Italian gelato before returning to Germany and flying back to the United States. Overall, it was a life-changing trip for Burg, and he is already excited about the idea of returning to Germany for another adventure.