Student Spotlight: Brianna McGowan ’21

Brianna McGowan ’21 was born and raised in Hermitage, Pa. She is the youngest of three children, with both a brother and sister. One unique fact about McGowan is she has broken her arm six different ways, and twice on Christmas Eve. She attended Hickory High School where she was a member of the girls’ soccer team and the National Honor Society. Here at Washington & Jefferson College, McGowan plans to major in chemistry. Upon graduating from W&J, she hopes to attend medical school to become a family practitioner. When searching for colleges, McGowan placed careful consideration into picking a school that would allow her to achieve both her athletic and academic aspirations. She was accepted into a program offered through Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) that grants her acceptance into the osteopathic medicine program if she maintains a 3.4 GPA throughout the duration of her undergraduate education. According to McGowan, “Out of all the schools LECOM is affiliated with, I liked W&J the best because of the campus and the competitive education offered here. Attending W&J also gave me the chance to continue playing soccer at a competitive level.” When asked what was something she wished she knew before starting college, McGowan said, “I wish I would have known how to order books! Knowing how to do so would have made the transition into the first week of classes a lot easier.” This year, McGowan is most looking forward to making new friends and taking advantage of all the opportunities W&J has to offer – especially the Magellan Project. She hopes to incorporate her academic interests into a Magellan experience at Walt Disney World in Florida this summer. Coming into college, one of McGowan’s biggest fears was being able to manage her time effectively to fulfill both her academic and athletic responsibilities. One goal she set for this year is to maintain or exceed a GPA of 3.4 to meet her LECOM program requirements, while also having fun and enjoying her college experience in the process. As for involvement, McGowan is a member of the women’s soccer team. As the year continues, she hopes to become more involved with other clubs and organizations on campus.