Taylor Swift’s New Music

Taylor Swift recently debuted two songs o of her new album “Reputation.”

One of them, “Look What You Made Me Do,” is newly accompanied by a music video.

Sarah Janczewski ’19 said, “This song certainly make me nervous about what the rest of the album has to offer. I’m a dedicated fan, but I don’t like her repetitive songs at all. And ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is certainly one of them.”

Swift’s new video for the song is filled with significant Easter eggs.

Her fans have taken to various social media outlets in order to make a comprehensive catalog of Swift’s clever commentaries.

Some of these have to do with her old rivals and scandals from her years of fame.

She also pokes fun at herself; there is a point at which one version of Taylor berates a past Taylor for her rehearsed “surprised face.”

In this video, Swift takes aim at her past and current critics.

Swift throws shade at Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry, and she also wears a cat mask to show her devotion to her two cats that have become famous alongside her.

However, Swift manages to make fun of herself too.

She makes an allusion to the 2009 Video Music Awards when Kanye West cut her off during her acceptance speech.

Swift even makes references to her- self in her “1989” album era with the image of herself being buried in her 2014 Met Gala dress. She also references Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

She takes selfies in the style popularized by the Kardashians.

Another one of my favorite illusions was of the eight backup dancers. They illustrate the eight high-profile relationships she has had. They all wear “I Heart TS” shirts in reference to the tank top Tom Hiddleston wore during the fleeting couple’s highly criticized relationship in 2016.

It is the video for this song that has started a widespread conversation about Swift.

Kayla Marasia ’19 said, “It’s interesting that she is using her platform to defend her reputation. Honestly, this all reminds me of the Robin Daggers episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’”

Everything that Swift managed to pack into this video makes her message clear.

The video also distracts listeners from the repetition of a song that would otherwise be boring and uninteresting.

Swift’s clever references make the video noteworthy.

It has also given fans a chance to question where the singer will go next now that she has buried past versions of herself.