Ways to Jump Back Into the Semester

Whether students are starting their first year of college or their last, it is always helpful to have to tips for getting organized at the start of a new semester. Upperclassmen have only a few days before classes begin to organize their room and prepare for the start of class. One way to utilize that time is to label notebooks for each class. Separating notebooks for individual classes minimizes morning stress on the first day. Caitlin Shellhamer ’20 said, “I always color-code my notebooks for class, which makes it easier to find the right notebook when I’m in a rush.” Another way to minimize first-day stress levels is to type a weekly schedule with consistent obligations. A student can make an Excel spreadsheet to organize their classes, sports practices, club meetings, work hours, meal times and blocks of free time to meet with professors. Putting all obligations into a weekly schedule to reference daily is helpful for time management. Another suggestion for the start of each academic year is to have a planner. A planner is a way to write down any meetings, homework assignments or upcoming exams. It is also handy because it keeps all deadlines together in one location. If one prefers a digital format, using a calendar app on one’s phone is an alternative to a traditional format. “Make sure to keep the syllabus of every class. It’s very easy to forget what you need for your classes,” said Sowmya Srinivasan ‘20. By saving the syllabus, a student is able to reference dates of exams and quizzes for each class, which can then be entered in the planner. Since the assignments are written ahead of time, a student can plan to complete the assignment. The start of a semester always comes with a learning curve, but it is important to set aside time to relax. If a student has every minute booked with school obligations, they will burn out fairly quickly. Even scheduling lunch with a few friends each day will minimize the stress of classes. Possessing time to unwind is a crucial part of a successful semester.