Correction to Sept. 15 Issue

There was an error in printing the article titled “Burnett Center Closed After Hours” on page 14 of the September 15 issue of the Red&Black. It was falsely reported that the Burnett Center is now closed to students during the evenings and nights.

According to Campus and Public Safety, a broken mechanism on one of the doors into the Burnett Center has been preventing some students from accessing the building after hours. However, the door should be fixed shortly and students will continue to have the regular swipe access into the building from 5pm until 7am and open access during the day.Campus and Public Safety would like to remind students that if they ever find themselves locked out of a building that they should have access to after hours, they should call Campus and Public Safety and an officer will come to open the door for them.

The Red&Black staff would also like to remind students that PAL tutoring for modern languages and accounting are held in the Burnett Center during the evenings from Sunday until Thursday each week and that students are still able to attend tutoring either by swiping into the building or by calling Campus and Public Safety in order to be let into the building.

The Red&Black would like to sincerely apologize for this error. If anyone should ever notice an error in the Red&Black that needs to be corrected, please email Katherine Campbell, Red&Black Editor-in-Chief, at with your concerns.